Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Get Snapping - Lomography's La Sardina

Sardines. Now, isn't that something that will get your creative juices flowing? No? Well our friends over at Lomography can source inspiration in pretty much anything, and yes, that does include Sardines.

The La Sardina camera, the design of which is based around the style of sardine tins, is one of the latest in the long line of analog offerings from our favourite photography brand. This quirky little user-friendly camera is easy to use, takes 35mm film and is compact enough to carry around with you all day, every day. That, and the fact that this Lomo has a wide-angle lens that'll capture everything around you makes it a real winner, right? You're probably about to head over to lomography.com and take a closer look, right? Well hold up, it gets better...

Now available in a range of new patterns, you can ensure that your La Sardina is as cool as you are. With 4 finishes to choose from in the 'Pattern' range: Cubic, Quadrat, Domino and Mobius, along with the original La Sardina sardine-can designs, there's really a Sardina to suit every taste. And if your taste is a bit more caviar than tinned pilchards, then these brass-coated beauties from the Heavy Metal edition are for you...

Cubic & Quadrat cameras (with flash) - £99
Domino & Mobius cameras (without flash) - £55

Beluga & Czar Brass-coated cameras - £149

Get snapping! www.lomography.com