Sunday, 2 October 2011

Urbanears - The ultimate accessory.

We're pretty sure you guys are smart cookies. So you're probably aware of what this season's (scratch that, EVERY season's) must-have accessory is, right? Move over statement necklace, bags - take the backseat, skyscraper heels - err, we're sooo over you. Make way for the ultimate accessory that you do not want to be seen without this season - Urbanears.

Firstly, if you're sitting there thinking 'what the hell are Urbanears?!', then it's pretty likely you've been living in a cave (or just without an internet connection...) for like, 2 years.
Based in the centre of Scandinavian style, Stockholm, Urbanears produce headphones with a focus on high-quality sound and construction and of course - fashion-leading design. Mixing fashion and technology to create a 'part-garment, part-headphone', Urbanears integrate sleek features and mind-blowing sound in a neat little package that comes in an array of colours and styles. Perfect for any music-loving, fashion-savvy smartypants who knows that Urbanears are the thing you want to be seen wearing this season and every one after that.

Grab your very own pair at Selfridges, Urban Outfitters and other retailers, and check out for more info and products.