Thursday, 13 October 2011

Unit Portables

Ah, laptop bags. The eternal dilemma. Until now it seemed that our only options were to go for something that looked cool, but ultimately didn't really protect most prized possession of the digital age or something that was super-padded and amazingly protective but just looked... eww.

We say until now, because we've only just been introduced to the awesome Unit Portables. Championing that Scandinavian minimalist design and with a focus on practicality, Unit Portables are the best way to carry around all your little gadgets.

Currently available in a range of 5 block colours, each bag is numbered and the external  mini-bags and pouches can be added on and removed as you see fit (in fact, they can even be attached on the inside for maximum security!) as if all this wasn't enough to entice you, Unit Portables also have an iPad sleeve available that can be attached to the original bag, so you can carry your phone, iPod, laptop, iPad and more in one handy, well-designed package.

So, you don't need to choose between form and function anymore, with Unit Portables, you get both. Count us in!

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