Sunday, 21 August 2011

Get down to the BEAT Bunker.

Let us set the scene for you – it’s the weekend, you’re primed and ready to go out and dance the night away, but the working week has dragged you down and you want nothing more than a cutting edge gig from the comfort of your own home. Sound familiar? If so, we have just the solution for you.

Hanna Hanra (of the awesome BEAT magazine) is hosting BEAT bunker, the living proof that staying in really is the new going out. With a desk bar and the latest bands at close range, this really is the gig of the future – and the line up sits at the cutting edge of the music scene. Over the coming weeks, such bands as Bones, the Shoestrung, Mini Mansions and Cerebal Ballzy will be gracing the BEAT office – but with spaces limited to 30 places a gig, it seemed as though most of us would have to settle for wishing we were there.

Luckily for you dear reader, there is light at the end of the (music) tunnel – are streaming the BEAT bunkers for your viewing pleasure. In homage to such nineties TV classics such as The World and The Tube, combined with the wonders of the internet, you’ll be able to enjoy these gigs from the comforts of your bedroom (alcohol optional, but advised).

In fact, Hanna summed it up in a way even us Tantrum-ettes would be proud of - "I'm thinking that booze + booze + band + small space + Sunday night = rowdy random fun."

So extend your weekend, pour that extra glass, and enjoy the wonder that is BEAT bunker while you can.

Gigs can be found here the day after performance.
More information on Hanna Hanra and Beat Magazine is also available here.