Monday, 27 June 2011

Taking Back Sunday: taking back music for good.

When we heard Taking Back Sunday were releasing another album we headed straight for their back catalogue to tide us through the wait - but the waiting is no more, and not a moment too soon. Their self titled fifth album is a triumphant return to what the band do best - anthemic rock.

First single El Paso (above) gave a taster of what to expect, with a killer tune and the trademark TBS swagger, and songs like Sad Savior and Call Me In The Morning take things a little slower without losing an inch of that attitude . One of our favourite things about this band is that the songs are more than skin deep, with lyrics that look pretty on paper, but with real bite in the heat of the song, and this album continues that awesome tradition.

Highlights definitely have to be This Is All Now - which showcase seductive vocals and a stadium worthy chorus - and Best Places To Be A Mom, with its guitar driven melody and headbanging potential.

Taking Back Sunday is an outstanding album in a stellar back catalogue, proving that this is still a band to be reckoned with.