Friday, 29 April 2011

Spirited Away.

What with us being British and all, we're always on the lookout for some cool headgear to protect our hair (and ears!) from our nations notoriously unpredictable weather. Que, Spirit Hoods. These faux-fur animal-inspired beauties don't just look insanely cosy but also pretty fun. 
With various styles to choose from, including huskies, pandas and snow leopards, you can pick the animal that best represents your personality or  the one that erm, goes best with your outfit.

And as fun as they seem, Spirit Hoods take a more serious tone when it comes to helping our furry friends. A portion of every sale of Spirit Hoods goes directly to a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping whichever Spirit Hood animal you choose. 

So go on, tell us what Spirit Hood best embodies your style. I, for one, just can't wait to get my paws on the Red Fox one!

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