Monday, 7 March 2011

Bellow for Sister Crayon

Beautiful melodies, soaring vocals, and songs covering a diverse range of important and touching subjects - yes, Sister Crayon are here.

Debut album Bellow is undoubtedly a triumph. Seeming almost other worldly, the album dives straight under your skin and takes you to the most wonderful places. Ixchel, The Lady Rainbow is upbeat while managing to be utterly haunting, with some of the most intricate piano work we've heard in a long time, while Anti-Psalm carries a pulsing bass and a truly hypnotic chorus.

Latest single I'm Still The Same Person is another instant classic. It has more of a synth vibe too it, seeming to mix etheral vocals with dark undertones as if they were a totally natural combination.

It has been said that "stumbling onto Sister Crayon is like finding a book of apocalyptic poetry in the confessional booth of an old, burned out cathedral" - do yourself a favour and find out just how true that is.

Bellow by Sister Crayon - out now.

(Album, quote and pictures courtesy of Silver PR.)