Thursday, 2 December 2010

i-D Covers 1980-2010

i-D is one of our favourite magazines here at Tantrum, and it's one of our biggest inspirations. It started life as a hand-stapled fanzine 30 years ago but has since turned into one of the most iconic fashion magazines in the world. 
The thing that grabs you about i-D is the fact that it's different frome very single other fashion publication out there. Sure, it's advanced and changed with the times but it's always stayed true to its 'youth culture' roots which is shown through every issue with the use of stark, unconventional photography promoting young, unestablished creative talent.

Everything about the magazine is art in its purest form but that's especially true of i-D's covers. Featuring a cheeky wink on every single one, the cover unashamedly pulls in your attention then hits you straight in the face. Sure, the content is why we buy i-D but it's the cover that makes us pick it up in the first place, right? It's about time someone compiled a book consisting entirely of i-D covers, don't you think? Oh...wait...
Say hello to 'i-D covers: 1980-2010'. This beautifully chunky book contains every and every cover of i-D magazine during it's 30 year reign. From Madonna in 1984 to Georgia Jagger in 2009, everyone who is anyone in the fashion world has graced the front of i-D and this anthology documents it all, as well as featuring interviews with cover stars, contributors and of course, Creative Director and founder of i-D, Terry Jones.

Basically, this book is a massive slice of uber-cool fashion history and is something you all really need on your bookshelf, whether your an aspiring magazine editor, stylist, photographer or just generally interested in the art/design/fashion world.
We're just psyched to see what i-D has to offer us in the next 30 years. If the past issues are anything to go by, we're in for one hell of a ride.

i-D Covers 1980-2010 is published by TASCHEN, priced at £27.99 and is available now at