Thursday, 25 November 2010

Little Fille, big impact.

So, as the weather-lady has been saying Winter is officially here. You've dug out your super-warm coat, found some cute mittens and a scarf that doesn't match anything and you're writing down (and underlining) HAT on your winter shopping list because for some reason, you manage to lose your hat every.single.year. Or is that just us?

Well this year, We think we're gonna ditch the ol' knitted hat look because wearing a hat would mean NOT wearing this seasons coolest staple - the headband.

But us Tantrum girls won't be rocking your average headband, nope!  We only wear  the most gorgeous headbands ever and they just so happen to go by the name of Little Fille.
London-based Little Fille individually hand-make each versatile headpiece they sell, from the cute velvet bows to the super-warm earmuffs so you know every single headband is completely unique and there's no way you'll be stepping out in the same £15 Accessorize piece as your next door neighbors nan (Believe us, it's happened before...)

And did we forget to mention, not only are their super-cute pieces available online, but they're also stocked exclusively in Topshop's flagship Oxford Circus store! 
We think they're pretty much better than all the wintery headbands you'll see popping up all over the high street, but if you don't believe us, you can take a look for yourselves...

They're the perfect accessory for every winter outfit, annnnd (boys, take note!) they're brilliant christmas gifts.
Let's just say, we would be far from disappointed if a bunch of Little Fille headbands were wrapped up and waiting under our Christmas tree...

Little Fille headbands & Earmuffs, ranging from £14-£37
Buy Little Fille at Topshop Oxford Circus or online here