Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Tokyolux by Audrey Kitching.

Oh summer, it was so lovely when you were here, but now you're gone and Autumn's coming fast, the leaves are turning orange and it's dark by 8pm again. This doesn't mean its time to start layering up in chunky knits, eating cookies in bed with the curtains shut and The Virgin Suicides dvd playing on repeat, does it?

Nope, it most certainly does not, because we've found the perfect antidote to the post-summer blues and it comes in the form of Audrey Kitching's new clothing line, Tokyolux. Inspired by "kittens, candles, glitter skulls, tarot cards, 90s teen movies, and teenage angst", the collection includes t-shirts, dresses, bodysuits, pullovers and jewellery, as well as Audrey's trademark 'flower crowns'.

Boasting phrases such as "I am a teenage vampire", "wild child" and "eat dust" as well as crucifix and ribcage prints, Tokyolux will keep your attitude set firmly in 'Summer sun' mode, so you can forget about impending Autumn and just keep on having fun.

Oh, and in case we haven't convinced you already, maybe Part One of their latest editorial, 'Pop rocks', shot by Hannah Lux Davis will!

Check out the Tokyolux website for more gorgeous editorial pictures.
Shop the Tokyolux line right here & pay a visit to Audrey's blog by clicking this.