Wednesday, 24 March 2010

House of Holland AW10


Henry Holland returned to the roots of his burgeoning fashion empire for Fall 2010, re-inventing the slogan tees that made him king of cool oh so many seasons ago.
This time, he’s not name-dropping celebrities with quirky little rhymes, but ensuring no olddd peeps buy his designs by using acronyms that nobody over the age 27 is likely to understand.
The typically light-hearted show was aptly named “CTFO it’s only a show”, which, for those over 27, means “Chill the fuck out”.
Ooh, taking a little jab at the fashion industry there, are we Henry?

Anyway, the collection, inspired by ‘downtown NY’ is sporty, sparkly and graphic, with a little hint of nerdiness thrown in. The acronym lettering seemed reminiscent of varsity jackets, very fitting with the whole sporty New-Yorky thing. Also featured was the ‘bandana print’ repeated throughout the collection on dresses, jackets, trousers...everything. Even hair scrunchies. Oh, and there was a really cute bandage-style dress made from printed House of Holland elastic and some knee-high socks with gold chain prints, adding a touch of luxe to the otherwise casual collection.
There was, of course, also the trademark House of Holland printed tights in pastely purple and blue and lots of bold, graphic stripes, a la Fall 2009, only done a lot, lot better.

Honestly, I was not a fan of last years fall offering from House of Holland, but this year, it’s a totally different story.
I loved this collection. Well, maybeee it went little bit overboard with some of the pieces that were, like, fully bandana-print, they just made my eyes go all funny, but that’s just personal opinion i guess.

All in all, the collection did just what I expected from Henry Holland, it brought the fun back into fashion, which is just what we needed.

House of Holland Fall 2010, FTW.