Thursday, 25 March 2010

Henry Holland x Blackberry

Not content with collaborating with Debenhams and Pretty Polly and being soley responsibly for bringing painfully cool yet shockingly affordable fashion to the masses, Henry Holland- the undisputed King of British Cool Kids has gone one-up and launched a set of Blackberry plates and even his very own app!

The blackberry plates are limited edition and feature two of the logos from the House of Holland AW10 collection;
IYF - In Your Face & DFW - Down For Whatever and at £12.99, you could easily be flashing around a super-hip designer-ised Blackberry and undoubtedley be the envy of all your pathetic fashion-starved mates.

Like i said, these babies are limited edish so you better get your skates on and get yourself down to Selfridges if you wanna snap 'em up!

I want the pink I.Y.F one, but i may have to get a Blackberry first...
House of Holland Blackbery Plates, £12.99, Selfridges