Monday, 29 March 2010

Heard a song the other day by a band called 'Delphic' thought I'd check them out on good old spotify and i was very impressed, I checked out their 2009 album 'Acolyte' and loved it! its good to know theres some new music and sounds about. The band have a somewhat chill out sound with an electro beat. Set to play The Great Escape Festival in Brighton this May, just announced to play at reading and leads and their new single recently released I wouldnt be suprised if we start seeing a lot more of them soon!

'Acolyte is available on itunes for £5.99 and plus their new single 'Halcyon' for £1.99

This is a Radio 1 live session they did with Zane Lowe....check it out!

Found this sketchbook today it absolutely amazing I wish I could draw like this....check out marion's blog

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Having fun isn't hard, when you've got a library card

LOV-ING the whole sexy/geeky librarian thing that's going on at the moment, i could deffo do with a pair of these cheeky little specs!
ANDANDAND they're on sale for a mere 10 bucks at Urban Outfitters online.

The only problem is i hate forking out for delivery charges, especially when they mean that with sale prices and stuff that you're actually not really getting a bargain, cos they whack on another £5/£6 for shipping and thats like half the cost of the glasses!

So. not. cool.

Might have to pop instore and see if they've still got 'em in stock there!

fingaz crossed!

Dear Piggy Bank

Can i have these shoes, please?

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Henry Holland x Blackberry

Not content with collaborating with Debenhams and Pretty Polly and being soley responsibly for bringing painfully cool yet shockingly affordable fashion to the masses, Henry Holland- the undisputed King of British Cool Kids has gone one-up and launched a set of Blackberry plates and even his very own app!

The blackberry plates are limited edition and feature two of the logos from the House of Holland AW10 collection;
IYF - In Your Face & DFW - Down For Whatever and at £12.99, you could easily be flashing around a super-hip designer-ised Blackberry and undoubtedley be the envy of all your pathetic fashion-starved mates.

Like i said, these babies are limited edish so you better get your skates on and get yourself down to Selfridges if you wanna snap 'em up!

I want the pink I.Y.F one, but i may have to get a Blackberry first...
House of Holland Blackbery Plates, £12.99, Selfridges

Lula Spring 2010

This beautiful, dreamy editorial is featured in the Spring 2010 issue of Lula magazine.

The lighting is so soft and relaxed, and along with the styling and clothing, gives this editorial a pretty, nostalgic, otherwordly kind of feel, which fits in just perfectly with Lula.

Model: Dolores Day
Photographer: Sophie Delaporte
Stylist: Ondine Azoulay

Absolutely love this t-shirt from all saints!! really stylish but looks mega comfy, i want it! the new S/S line is looking good too, maybe some birthday money might be going in this direction....

Underground Art School

Underground Art School

Found this really cool magazine on full of cool quirky art, pop ups and articles.

"overcome blocks and creative fears, help us to focus, observe, be FREE"

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

House of Holland AW10


Henry Holland returned to the roots of his burgeoning fashion empire for Fall 2010, re-inventing the slogan tees that made him king of cool oh so many seasons ago.
This time, he’s not name-dropping celebrities with quirky little rhymes, but ensuring no olddd peeps buy his designs by using acronyms that nobody over the age 27 is likely to understand.
The typically light-hearted show was aptly named “CTFO it’s only a show”, which, for those over 27, means “Chill the fuck out”.
Ooh, taking a little jab at the fashion industry there, are we Henry?

Anyway, the collection, inspired by ‘downtown NY’ is sporty, sparkly and graphic, with a little hint of nerdiness thrown in. The acronym lettering seemed reminiscent of varsity jackets, very fitting with the whole sporty New-Yorky thing. Also featured was the ‘bandana print’ repeated throughout the collection on dresses, jackets, trousers...everything. Even hair scrunchies. Oh, and there was a really cute bandage-style dress made from printed House of Holland elastic and some knee-high socks with gold chain prints, adding a touch of luxe to the otherwise casual collection.
There was, of course, also the trademark House of Holland printed tights in pastely purple and blue and lots of bold, graphic stripes, a la Fall 2009, only done a lot, lot better.

Honestly, I was not a fan of last years fall offering from House of Holland, but this year, it’s a totally different story.
I loved this collection. Well, maybeee it went little bit overboard with some of the pieces that were, like, fully bandana-print, they just made my eyes go all funny, but that’s just personal opinion i guess.

All in all, the collection did just what I expected from Henry Holland, it brought the fun back into fashion, which is just what we needed.

House of Holland Fall 2010, FTW.

It's official...

i need this jacket in my life!

too bad i don't have £1,118.80 lying around somewhere in my room!

studded vintage leather biker jacet by Bess

Street Style

Just spotted this gor-geous street shot over at Jak & Jil

It's Wonderland editor, Julia Sarr-Jamois and she is looking painfully cool, don'tcha think?

She's totally working that grungy, dirty but glamourous '70s rocker kinda look with those printed skinnies, double denim jackets and that oversized cardi-jacket thing. She totes looked like she just rolled out of a very hip tour bus.

I just have one question, how come when i try to pull off that look, i just look like, well, a tramp?

Really, life is not fair.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


I am loving this TMNT jumper!

It's tres cool, though i think i'd prefer one with Raphael on it, cos he was always my fave. He was one badass ninja turtle.

I'm a bitch, when I brush my teeth...

I came across this song whilst shuffling through my itunes today, I haven't heard it in aaaages!

Listening to their infectious pop-rock, I couldn't help but secretly I could write songs that were more contagious than chicken pox...

I also wished i had an ounce of that effortless French style that the Plastiscines girls carry off so well. They should sell it by the bottle.

And yes, I totally sang along.

Colour my life with the chaos of trouble

'Colour Codes' is the latest line ultra-cool, colourful and funfunfun line from the cult plastic watchmakers, Swatch.

The collection features 26 watches in an array of super-bright colours and arty finishes and is exactly what you'd expect from the Swiss factory of fun. With affordable price tags, delicious names like 'lemon time' and 'dragon fruit', and delicious-er colours (candy apple red and bright orange =YUM) Swatch are only leaving me with one teeny-tiny problem... I want one in EVERY colour!

To promote the line, Swatch have asked some of the worlds best known fashion mags to do a colour codes photoshoot and are asking you to vote for your fave one online. If the mag you vote for wins, you may be in with a chance to win one of those scrumptious watches! Totally worth it, right?

My personal fave is the Nylon spread - sooo cute! but Dazed & Confused and V are pretty damn sweet too.

You can vote for your faves right here. What are you waiting for?!


Dazed & Confused


Ever wondered where those super-cute designs on your pretty little Zara t-shirt came from?

Well, they were dreamed up in the mind of Conrad Roset, an aaaa-mazing illustrator from Barcelona. As well as working with Zara, he's notched up other impressive names on his client list, including Adidas, Buble, Filmax and Globalrhythm.

I am so in love with his colorful, feminine illustrations, i wish i could live in his dreamy little world.

see more of Conrad's work here

Caitlin Shearer x Karla Spetic AW10

Oh, hello there you wonderfully whimsical prints by Caitlin Shearer for Karla Spetic!
you totes just made my day!

This is the Australian illustrator's first shot at the fashion biz, collaborating with designer Karla Spetic and the girls have done good, no... wait.
They've done super-duper fantastically.
Caitlin's dreamy, feminine illustrations work so well with Karla's structured silk garments, don'tcha think?

I, for one, am deffo looking forward to some more Shearer/Spetic collabs in the future.
I can only imagine that they'll be even more magic than this one!

check out Caitlin's work
check out Karla's work here

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

great things will be happening right here...

so keep your eyecicles peeled.

In the meantime, enjoy this picture of a cat eating a rainbow sno-cone while we get things up and running.

It's like the visual equivalent of 'hold' music.

All together now, "awwwwwwww..."

join the revolution